Queensland Youth and Families Support Services Inc.  uses the Queensland Homelessness Information Platform (QHIP) to access client information and manage referrals for:

  • homeless people

  • people at risk of homelessness

  • women and children experiencing domestic and family violence.



Here at Queensland Youth and Families Support Services we offer a variety of on-site assistance as follows:-


  • QHIP Assessments – QHIP is the Queensland Homelessness Information Platform program. If you have not completed a QHIP Assessment with any other agency you can call us on 3818 1050 to book an appointment. Once you have completed your QHIP Assessment we will do daily searches for Immediate Supported Accommodation, Transitional Accommodation and Medium to Long Term Accommodation options. Please be aware that couples are not housed together and will need to complete their own individual assessments. Accommodation is shown daily for the whole of Queensland which means you might be offered accommodation specifically for your needs possibly in Far North Queensland and not necessarily in Brisbane.


  • Shower – If you need to take a shower you can call into our Centre at 1 Scott Street, Goodna between 9 am-3 pm.  Providing we have a ‘same sex’ employee on site at the time they will take you through to the bathroom to explain how everything works. They will also provide you with a towel to use, some toiletries, a toothbrush and toothpaste if required (you can take these toiletries with you for future use away from the centre as well as re use when if you return to use the facilities again).


  • Washing – You can come in and do a load of washing. You will need to hang this washing out yourself and come back in the afternoon to collect it. Washing powder is provided.


  • Daily food (Bakery, fresh fruit, tea/coffee) – Each day we are provided with some donated bakery items. These range from bread rolls, loaves of bread, sweet treats and sometimes sandwiches. You are welcomed to come into the centre any time after 8.30 am and take something to eat. While you are at the centre you can also grab a cup of tea or coffee or on a really hot day a glass of cordial. We will also have some donated fruit in a basket and you are welcomed to take a piece of fruit also.


  • Food Hampers – Please note that hampers are restricted to Wednesday’s only between 3:30 pm- 4:15 pm and can only be pre-ordered online by filling out the form. If you do not have access to a computer or internet you can call us on 3818 1050 and we can fill the form out for you. Hampers consist mainly of fruit and vegetables and will be topped up with other food products if available.



We have fresh bakery on-site each day from Ray's Patisserie and Collingwood Park Patisserie. Each day varies but can include pies, sandwiches, bread rolls, cakes, pizzas and doughnuts.  

Fresh fruit is donated by Woolsworths (Goodna) each Monday Morning. Fruit available will vary week to week. 

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Purely and simply the #Pinkbox Dignity Vending Machine, is a vending machine that dispenses a FREE pack of 6 tampons and 2 pads.


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Dignity Vending Machine is programmed with a delivery delay of 10 minutes to ensure that no period packs are wasted.

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