About GYS
Our History

Our organisation was originally founded in the late 1980's to meet the needs of 'at risk' and homeless young people within the Goodna area. The agency was incorporated in 1992 as Goodna Youth Accommodation Service Inc (GYAS). Since this time the service has expanded and widened its client focus and in 2020 took on its present name of Queensland Youth and Families Support Services (QYFSS) to reflect these changes. 

Our Philosophy

At QYFSS we strive to learn and continually improve. Resolving homelessness is the responsibility of: governments; the community; families and individuals.

QYFSS believes that young people have the right to safe, secure, and to be treated as equal people in our society. QYFSS suggests that people need opportunities to become active in decision making to improve their lives.


To create opportunities that value and empower young people, build family harmony and foster supportive communities, enabling all young people to reach their full potential.


To provide a service that best meets the needs of young peoples’ changing and diverse needs as they transition to independence.


We will seek opportunities to work in partnership with those who can assist us in achieving this vision and include seeking out opportunities to work in collaboration with our clients, fellow service providers, government and community members.

Our Values (R.I.S.E)

Respect: QYFSS respect the rights of young people to maintain their privacy, expect honesty and to be fully informed of the decisions affecting them.


Inclusiveness: QYFSS ensures people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised are provided with equal access to resources, decision making and life options.

Social Justice:  QYFSS believe in the principles of social justice and autonomy of the young people we provide services to. Social justice principles refer to values “that favour measures that aim at decreasing or eliminating inequity, promoting inclusiveness of diversity, and establishing environments that are supportive of all people.


Equality: QYFSS ensures equal access to all services and resources and we build on hope, empowerment, and diversity. We provide opportunities for choices, independence, self-determination, and equality.

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